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Robert Pattullo

Born: December 7, 1635
Father: Robert Pittillo
Married 1:Catherine Blair b: 1635 mar: April 26(also found as May 1) 1657 in Kettins Scotland
Children 1:
    Margarat Pattillo b: April 2, 1658
    James Pattillo b: July 8, 1659 in Kettins,Angus Co. Scotland
    Marjorie Pattillo b: June 7, 1661
    Robert Pattillo b: May 29, 1663
    Elizabeth Pattillo b: October 25, 1665
    Isabell Pattillo b: February 28, 1667
    George Pattillob: February 26, 1669 in Kettins,Angus Co. Scotland
Heir of Kynnochtrie

Found on the internet in many locations as born in France near the Spanish Border. This may be true or another Robert Pattillo???

This may be the same Robert Pittiloh, author of The Hammer of "Persecution, or Persecution in Scotland under Cromwell", London 1658. There are only two copies of this book, one in the British Museum and the other in the Advocates' Library.

See Fifeshire History Robert was a merchant in Dundee.

Died: March 24, 1694
Credit: Additional information from Duncan van Reijswoud of Australia